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Fits to how you work

Acuitykit Charts is designed to fit your way of working. Whether you want a dedicated wall-mounted display, run it off your desktop PC, or even on a laptop for domiciliary work, we've got you covered.

Control the display using a device of your choice

A unique feature of Acuitykit Charts is the ability to control the charts using your phone or tablet, PC keyboard or bluetooth numeric keypad - whatever works best for you.

Developed with clinical feedback

Feedback from specialist eye care professionals has facilitated a  less complicated, easy to use control interface and displays, enabling comprehensive low vision assessment as well as enhanced child visual acuity matching tests.

What our users are saying

AcuityKit is an accurate and flexible eyechart system that I've been using for the last 6 months or so, it has become my primary chart system.The letters randomise easily, it scales to any distance allowing me a setup for wheelchairs and I'm able to control contrast and how many rows display. Controllable associated phoria charts and worth dots give easy insights into binocular status. I appreciate that it has a crowded HOTV chart that the school vision and hearing screeners use making paediatric examinations a breeze. A flexible revenue model allows for ongoing development and optimisation, while avoiding large up front fees when purchasing it. It has a lot of potential, I wholeheartedly recommend Acuitykit."

Greg Nel

The new Acuitykit chart is great. Finally I have a chart that gives me a range of letters in the 6/24 to 6/240 range, as well as reverse polarity white letter on a black background for the glare sensitive patients, and an easy switch to record low contrast acuity. A very well thought out easy to use chart."

Naomi Meltzer, Low Vision Consultant

I have been using Acuitykit for six years now. It is a very reliable system that has never let me down. The latest version which uses the local area network is very handy as it will still run even if the WiFi has dropped out. This is essential as we are a very busy Optometry practice. I highly recommend this eye chart software for your Optometry, Ophthalmology or GP practice."

Francis Hassan, Optometrist

Acuitykit is versatile eyechart software that I have been using for the last nine months. It is highly adaptable and caters for all patients. I really appreciate the child distraction videos; this makes retinoscopy such a breeze. Visual acuity readings are repeatable and consistent between the two optom rooms. The software contains all the tests that I ever need including red desat, worth’s four dot and associated phoria. I would highly recommend Acuity Kit to any eye care practitioner."

Rosmi Shaju

Acuitykit is great. The image quality of the fonts looks great on any screen, the chart variety and being able to scale to any setup distance makes paediatric or low vision examinations easier, and it is a very affordable option to have in multiple consulting rooms."

Wilson Sue