About Us

Acuitykit is a New Zealand based company, founded in 2015 by John Grylls (optometrist) and Mark Stephens (software developer). We operate out of Paraparaumu on the North Island's Kapiti Coast.

Our aim is to provide eye care professionals, including optometrists, dispensing opticians and GPs, with high quality tools for assessing patients, at an affordable cost. Our emphasis is ease of use, and use of commodity hardware to reduce costs to our clients.

John Grylls started his professional life as an independent optometrist and was always interested in software. In the 90s he wrote practice management software and while expanding his practice, became interested in digital clinical tools for optometrists. He joined the Matthews group, New Zealand's largest independent optometry group in 2007 and in 2015 joined with Mark Stephens, an innovative software developer to form Acuitykit Ltd.

Many leading optometrists and ophthalmologists were consulted during its development including the Auckland school of optometry. As a result, Acuitykit has an extremely functional control system with a focus on software, not hardware. John is currently clinical director of the Matthews group.
Mark Stephens is a software developer specializing in web-based applications, with over 30 years experience in a wide variety of technologies, architectures and projects. He joined up with John to start Acuitykit and help realise a goal of providing high quality but low cost vision assessment tools.

In his spare time he flies recreationally, builds electronics projects and pretends to care about the garden.